About Chef Mark Garcia

I am a Professional Chef (Honor’s Graduate From The Culinary Institute of America C.I.A.) an Entrepreneur, Consultant, Author, National Speaker, Weapons & Tactical Enthusiast, and a Leading Authority on The Subject of Social Media and Web 2.0 Marketing for Chefs, Restaurateurs, Corporate America, and Entrepreneurs. I have over 20 years of experience in the Food & Beverage industry, ranging from major resort hotels, casual dining and fine dining restaurants, national chains, food manufacturers, and “Best In Class” grocery retailers.  I have held key executive level positions with Fortune 100 companies and count many of the Fortune 500 as consulting clients.  I have been blessed to have personally worked with 4 different Billionaires in my lifetime. My reputation is known throughout the above named industries as an innovative, creative, and results driven executive. I’m a devoted Dad to one  amazing kiddo (but I know all parents say that ). She is the apple of my eye and I am a better man because of her.  Any teenage boys who wish to date her… just remember that I legally carry at least one .45 on my person at all times! I am blessed by all of my travels and life experiences. I’ve been through Hell and back a couple of times and am still around to tell the tales. Bringing together all of my passions, experience and expertise, I have had the pleasure of working with restaurant, hotel, beverage companies, and gourmet retail companies. I have also worked with food manufacturers, educational organizations, and professional associations. My expertise resides in culinary innovation, menu & product R&D, sales and marketing support, large scale national manufacturing, social media marketing, branding, concept development, and corporate training programs. I am the author of two books; How To Become A Rock Star Chef and Entrepreneurial Insanity in the Restaurant Business. I travel the country as a keynote speaker to varied organizations on the topics, of Leadership, Teamwork, Social Media and Innovation. I love Food, Wine, and Music!  I travel frequently to the cities &  countries that celebrate these essential pursuits. Ciao!

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