Are There Really Any Credit Repair Secrets?

by Mark

The simple answer is yes…there are credit repair secrets that exist that practically anyone can use to improve their credit scores. The method to making these secrets work is to realize that some, not all, will take TIME TO WORK!

All too often, I find folks whose credit is in bad shape and they expect miracles overnight. Yes, you can aggressively remove negative items from a credit report rather quickly. But to get the highest FICO credit scores possible, you must have the right mix and types of credit accounts. This is something that many credit repair companies fail to mention.

Having high credit scores is the result of several factors…minimizing negative accounts is only one part of the equation.

First of all why does one need to raise one’s credit score? This numerical amount is one of the most important factors asked by bankers. This is going to make the difference between you being a good potential client in the future or a bad credit risk. A credit score is going to be anywhere between 300 to 800. 700 to 800 credit scores belong to those people who pay all their bills in time and have never defaulted on any sort of loan installment ever. Yes there are people like that who have managed their financial condition extremely well.

That is the reasons why they have always have some extra money for standby which is going to be spent in paying bills. Such “geniuses” are just like you and I they are just a bit more worried about their finances. Well you can also be a financial genius and raise your credit score financial standing with the banks and credit score. But you need to do a little bit of financial planning to raise your credit score.

Knowing the right ratio of balances on credit accounts and having the right accounts in the first place is what will boost your credit scores to the highest levels possible.

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