Celebrity Chef Nigella Lawson Cooks Up New iPhone App

by Mark

One of my favorite female Rockstar Chefs, Nigella Lawson has launched her culinary iPhone app called “Nigella’s Quick Collection”.

As the appetite from consumers increases for better, faster, more relevant recipe content, smart Rockstar Chefs who understand mobile marketing are ahead of the masses when it comes to this medium.

Most of us are accustomed to Rockstar chefs competing for print articles, TV airtime and prime bookshelf space, but yesterday new battlelines were drawn as domestic goddess Nigella Lawson launched her own iPhone app, putting her in direct competition with Jamie Oliver. Gordon Ramsay has also thrown his toque in the ring, confirming he plans to launch his own app in the summer.

The battle to own the culinary digital space is likely to see the launch of several similar apps from top-name Rockstar Chefs.

An app is the perfect way for chefs to communicate with fans and develop their brand.

iPhone apps are a Web 2.0 way to reach individuals and give them stuff that is really useful while at the same time encouraging them to buy into the other stuff they are selling, from kitchenware to recipe books.

By mid-afternoon today, Nigella’s Quick Collection was at number one in the iTunes chart of top paid apps, with Jamie Oliver’s 20 minute meals app trailing in fourth position.

A spokeswoman for Chef Gordon Ramsay confirmed he was working on an app to be released in July: whether or not it will come with an X-rated warning remains to be seen. “We are delighted that there is such a demand for a Gordon Ramsay’s iPhone app and fans will be pleased to know that we are currently developing one, which we hope will be ready at the beginning of July,” she said.

Speaking before the official launch of her app at the Apple store today, Lawson explained that Nigella’s Quick Collection was ideal for people desperate for dinner ideas on the way home from work. “It’s designed for people who work and have domestic responsibilities. You can choose a recipe according to your food mood, then it translates that into a shopping list so you can just stumble around with your shopping trolley. It’s designed for inspiration, but because I’m a greedy person, I love the idea of sitting on a bus looking at close-up photographs of food,” she said.

The app’s videos feature Lawson sharing tips on everything from de-seeding a pomegranate to choosing chorizo, while some recipes feature videos of the chef in which she simultaneously encourages and guides users.

“I hope it’s like having a slightly bossy but supportive friend in the kitchen with you,” she said. Users of the Lawson app, which was released globally on Saturday, can browse recipes like Cheesecake in a Glass, Coq au Riesling and Curry in a Hurry, and send dinner invitations to friends using Facebook or email.

The chef said she was particularly pleased with the app’s voice command feature which moves the recipe to the next step, avoiding sticky finger marks on users’ expensive gadgetry.

Here are my thoughts on iPhone recipe apps…My reservation with iPhone apps is that somehow we are going to have to train customers to print or otherwise replicate the recipe for the kitchen.  Can you imagine the horror when someone drops their phone into a pot of sauce??!! Imagine going back to the apple store and explaining the pesto stains on the iPhone screen. Most of my favorite, time tested and frequently prepared recipe cards are spattered with sauce or other remnants of the kitchen. Will Apple come up with a “recipe stand” to keep the phone safe??

Should be interesting….stay tuned.



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