Chef Mark Garcia Talks Food and Flavor with Digital Ad Agency R/GA

by Charlotte

New York City, May 2012

Chef Mark Garcia, Director of McCormick Kitchens will present a series of hands-on workshops, tastings and presentations to the creative and executive team at R/GA’s main office in midtown Manhattan this week. Topics to be covered include Phsysiology of Taste & Flavor, Food Affinities, Core Herbs and Spices and Stocks.

Chef Garcia is uniquely qualified to lead these discussions not only because he is a professional chef, but he also leads the team at McCormick that is responsible for all of the digital, social,  and mobile marketing campaigns for the company’s various brands.

“By framing the discussion centered around flavor with the digital team at R/GA, my hope is that we can help the creative teams “connect the dots” on why we do what we do for consumers and how to integrate those nuances into our digital campaigns and platforms” says Garcia

R/GA is an international digital advertising agency with massive influence across the globe. The agency has worked with major brands like Nike, Verizon, Walmart, Grey Goose and HBO. Known as The Agency For The Digital Age, R/GA is headquartered in New York City and has offices in London, Sao Paulo, Singapore, San Francisco, Buenos Aires, Chicgao and Stockholm. The company frequently presents at such dynamic conferences such as SXSW and Cannes. They have achieved numerous industry awards and accolades over many decades that they have been in business.

As R/GA continues to create, execute and refine marketing campaigns and platform design with McCormick, the producers and account directors wanted to teach, train and engage their teams on all things flavor. One of McCormick’s core pillars is “Passion For Flavor” and the company has a corporate mandate; To Save The World From Boring Food, One Meal At A Time.


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