Concealed Weapons Permit Holders Can Now Carry In Bars, Not Just Restaurants That Serve!

by Mark

A recent New York Times article highlights that Tennessee, Arizona, Georgia, and Virginia have recently passed laws that allow law abiding gun owners with concealed weapons permits (i.e. the good guys) to legally carry in bars.    Up until now, these four states plus  18 other states have allowed CHL holders to carry in restaurants that serve alcohol.

Now, just because you can do a thing doesn’t always mean you should. As a CHL holder myself (God Bless Texas) I have no problem carrying full time everywhere I am legally permitted to. I enjoy dining out with family and friends knowing that I am armed, but myself and just about every other CHL holder I know DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL when we are armed.

It’s just a personal choice, not a political one. We do it for several reasons; First, we risk losing our CHL if we drink when we are armed. Second, if you are not fortunate enough to live in Texas or many other states that do not allow civil law suits to take place if no criminal charges are filed in a justified shooting, you run the risk of being sued. Introducing into evidence that you had been drinking can’t look good for your defense.

When you drink, your reaction time is compromised. If you are ever in the situation where one needs to draw a weapon in self-defense,  your nervous system is going to be flush with adrenaline that needs to be managed without the addition of alcohol. Plus, I can just see the Gun Grabber Nuts going crazy about how our towns and bars will now turn into the Wild Wild West because people can now be armed when they drink.

It seems that we always hear this argument about how shootings and killings will rise when law-abiding citizens are armed. Funny thing though, is that it never seems to materialize! Please, someone point out to me where a CHL holder was involved in a crime with their weapon??!!

Convicted felons, former bad guys with arrest sheets a mile long, and non-CHL’s…yes you hear about it all the time, but never the good guys…hmmmmm

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