Credit Repair Myths Exposed – Myth #2

by Mark

Continuing on with our series of common credit repair myths:

Myth #2 – I Can Easily Fix My Own Credit

The is the biggest myth about credit repair. Credit bureaus want you to believe this because they know you cannot achieve the same results alone as you can with professional ore experienced ¬†guidance. This benefits them, but can only hurt you. They will even give you forms and web pages to use, but rest assured, these are deliberately designed to be ineffective, because they don’t want you to repair your credit.

Disputing the credit report is easy. Getting results (and actually repairing bad credit) can be difficult, complex, and infuriating. The truth is, you CAN attempt credit repair without experienced help. You can also perform surgery on yourself, although it probably wouldn’t be wise. It’s also not wise to attempt to correct your own credit report without the proper information and guidance.

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