Food Professionals Don’t Have Enough Time For Social Media

by Mark

A recent survey that was conducted on behalf of cheese ingredient company Sargento states that R&D professionals have been slower to catch on to Social Media as a means of networking…

What? Which R&D professionals were they talking to? As most of my loyal readers and friends know, I completely disagree with the study and the statement that R&D professionals have been slow to embrace or use Social Media.

An article by Caroline Scott-Thomas this past week indicates that privacy concerns and company policy were two of the most frequently cited reasons for not using networking media at the office. The most common reason stated by the Sargento study was that people simply didn’t have enough time.

Now, I completely agree with the study that many dinosaur corporations have a (short sighted) policy that doesn’t allow their people to have a voice or any social media contact about the company during the work day or any other part of the day. This may be a skewed reason why so many people responded that they don’t use traditional social media about their job or profession.

I find it interesting that the study said that Twitter was used the least by their survey respondents. What??? Who did these people survey?  I don’t know of many chefs who DON’T use Twitter on a daily if not hourly basis.

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