Further Proof That Chef Inspired Retail Food Is Here To Stay

by Mark

Many of you know that I have been in the retail food game for several years. I have been preaching about the need for more culinarians to get involved in starting or lending their name to food causes in this country. One great way to further brand  you or your restaurants is to have a line of food available in either traditional grocery stores, gourmet retailers or available on the web.  

I recently read an article about a few more celebrity chefs and some NYC area chefs getting into the retail food game. The article highlights some of the Godfathers of retail food (Wolfgang Puck, Emeril and Paul Prudhomme) as well as a few of the more prominent Big Apple Chefs.

I think that as more of more of the public continues to show an interest in cooking and remains fans of the various cooking channels, this trend will continue. Unfortunately, there will be some food manufacturer’s  or CPG companies that will simply throw a bunch of money at a young chef with visions of dollars in their heads, and the product will suffer.

I have seen it happen too many times in my career with sport stars or other celebrity chefs where the quality and purity of the recipe was never something that the chef would serve in his or her own restaurant, but since the dollars initially sounded attractive, in the end the reputation of the chef/celebrity was hurt.

I can’t say it enough…getting into the retail distribution world is somewhat easy to do, but to create a winning line of branded food that stands the test of time, well that is the true mark of a Rock Star Chef!

Let’s Get Rockin’ In The Kitchen…


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