Happy New Year! What’s Your Plan For 2011?

by Mark

At the start of each new year, I find it helpful to not focus on “resolutions” per se, but to pick 3 topics or words that describe what my personal or professional goals are going to be this year. Having only three items to work on may sound simple or appear to be too few. Focusing on three things will not be overwhelming and the action that I dedicate to the three will create action in other areas and secondary goals that I have. I like momentum when it comes to accomplishing results that I desire.  It is as though the creative process and performance results begin to feed upon themselves into a mass of productivity and accomplishment!

As many of you know who come out of Corporate America, we are all taught that all goals should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely). When putting together my list of three for the year, I try to think of simple words or phrases that sum up what I am going to achieve over the next year.

My Big Three for 2011 and they become my “Mise En Place” for the year. Anytime I feel myself becoming distracted by the latest new shiny object or if I find myself needing to refocus, I refer back to my list.


Create – Products, Programs, Services, Sponsorships, Charitable Donations, Relationships, Money Muses, Mind, Body, Soul and Lifestyle!

Focus On The End Result – Is what I am doing RIGHT NOW the highest, best use of my time, talents and energy? If not, why the hell  am I doing it or to what end does this help me achieve the results I want for my life, business and loved ones.

Serve – From Sam Walton…be a servant leader.

Would you share yours with me?

Let’s have a great 2011!



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