How To Use Twitter The Right Way For Your Restaurant

by Mark

As I have consulted many clients and colleagues about the right way and the wrong way to use social media for their marketing, it’s refreshing to see a fellow chef who “get’s it”

My new friend Chef Jeremy Barlow from the restaurant Tayst in Nashville is doing a superb job!

Chef Barlow utilizes Twitter in a way that connects his customers with RELEVANT info from him and his joint. ¬†For example, Tayst isn’t officially open for lunch, but those customers and fans who follow him on twitter get to learn about the unadvertised lunch special. Twice a week via morning tweets, Chef Barlow and his team offer his social network info about the $8 daily lunch special. One recent dish was Sarsaparilla marinated lamb wrapped in a kale “burrito”.

This kind of info is what separates you from the other restaurants from your area that are only marketing traditional, boring menu specials and evening events. Be creative and give your most rabid fans “insiders only” access to your stuff.

You can follow Chef Jeremy on twitter @the_green_tayst

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