Is Branding A Line of Retail Items A Good Decision For You As A Chef?

by Mark

My resounding answer is YES!

However, there is a large minefield you must cross to get from your initial concept of a product (sauce, spice, jam, jelly, appetizer, main entree or drink mix) to having your products for sale either online or offline.

One question that I am constantly asked is “Chef Mark, I have a great recipe for ______________ (insert product name here) and my customers and friends tell me I should bottle it up and make it available for sale. How do I do that?”

Initial enthusiasm aside, coming up with a great product idea that people crave and actually getting it produced profitably involves many, many steps. Even after you have a product in hand, you must decide how and where you will sell the item. I can’ t even begin to tell you how many clients and consulting partners have come to me after they decided to run head first into having a product made that now sits in their garage or back office storeroom. Numerous musicians, athletes and coaches, and actors have all ventured into the branded food world

Look, I will be perfectly honest with you…there is a BOATLOAD of money to be made in the branded retail food world.  I should know, I have been in the grocery retail business for 20+ years with some of the largest and most respected specialty retailers in the world. I am talking millions of dollars per month, not a few cases of 5-pepper jelly that someone sold at the local food mart. I have been involved with countless product launches and currently work with the most successfully branded retail line of center of the plate entrees ever in the industry!

I cover the inside details of exactly how to take a recipe idea to market in my Rock Star Chef Marketing Bootcamp and to avoid the pitfalls and mistakes that many smart and well-funded companies have experienced.

I read an interesting article that covers many of these exact challenges that I am talking about. You can read the full details by clicking here.

If you are interested in speaking further with me about how to successfully launch one of your recipes or food ideas into the retail world, drop me an e-mail or contact me at the phone number listed on this website.

Let’s get rockin’ in the kitchen!


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