Need More Social Proof? Linked In Reaches 100 Million Users

by Mark

As Social Media continues to grow from an interesting pastime for teenagers to a critical component for businesses large and small, a major player in the space has surpassed an important milestone. Linked In, the most popular social network for professionals this past week passed the 100 Million member mark.

Most of the users are outside the US with the top countries being USA, Brazil, India and the U.K. An industry breakdown shows that high-tech (17%), finance (14%) and manufacturing (10%) are the top three and the site tends to skew more towards men (61%). An interesting breakdown shows that male users that are between the ages 25-34 and 35-54 are 36% white.

The site lauched 7 years agao and just recently allowed individuals and companies to buy ads on the site. This tools also gives “marketing gold” to advertisers who wish to gain information about registred users. I often recommend to all of my coaching clients and students that they MUST have a personal profile on Linked In at the bare minimum. They should also have a company profile or active channel profile for their products or services.

Another hidden asset to the site is the rich source of community through the various groups that exist on Linked In. I talk more in depth about Social Media For Chefs and Restaurateurs in a newly created program that is aimed directly at the “How To” and “Why” of social media for the restaurant community.

The State of LinkedIn 2011


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