New Italian Food Hall, Eataly, Opening Soon In Manhattan

by Mark

Similar to the amazing food halls of PECK, Lafayette, Harrods, Ka De We, and Marche, Chef Mario Batali and his partner Joe Bastianich are bringing an Italian Culinary Extravaganze to West 23rd near Fifth Avenue.

Styled after the original Eataly  in Turin, the market will have upwards of 20 retail sections. The 36,000 square foot food mecca will have antipasti, pizza, fresh pasta, seafood, meats, desserts, cured meats and cheeses. sandwiches, and even more desserts!

A few of the markets will have dining counters like we have seen in many upscale US retailers. The most anticipated on is in the produce area where a “vegetable butcher” will prep your veggies so that you can easily prepare them at home.

The upscale dining area will be at Manzo, an Italian steakhouse that is the only area taking reservations.

Other Foodie products and services will include a line of tools and housewares, as well as a small cooking school.

Nancy Silverton from La Brea Bakery will reign court of the bread and focaccia production. A central wine bar and beer garden atop the roof will also be a part of the concept.

This is going to be a destination for serious cooks, foodies, chefs, retailers, and anyone else who has experienced the food markets of Paris, London, Milan, and Berlin. Finally we have something here in the U.S.



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