New Study Reveals How American Women Cook, Eat and Shop

by Mark

A recent study of over 3,500 women across the U.S. gives insight into what they are thinking and more importantly what their shopping habits are when it comes to eating out, shopping at the market and cooking at home.

Better Homes and Garden conducted the survey to update their previous study called Food Factor Study that was released in 2008. The study highlights 10 key trends relating to American women’s decision-making process when it comes to topics such as eating at home, entertaining, food safety and organic food purchases.

I found that most of the data is consistent with what most of my retail clients have shared with me this year. Trends such as value-added produce, prepared foods, and pre-marinated or pre-breaded meats continue to be popular with women. One of the surprising facts that I read was that for the first time, women aged 18-34 and 35-49 were more interested in trying foods they’ve never eaten before ┬áthan women aged 50+.

My previous experience was that women aged 50+ were much more adventurous with trying new foods. Many of them had traveled to some of the locales where new taste profiles were emerging out of the restaurant scene.

Due to the ongoing recession, it is no surprise that most respondents (66%) indicated that they are eating at home more than two years ago. Women are still very cost conscious and they continue to look for ways to cut back on overall spending.

A trend that I would like to see continue to grow is that 71% of the women in the survey indicated that they would rather eat EVERY meal at home.  To eat at home more often, women indicated that time-saving recipes and convenience added ingredients help them accomplish this more and more. As a single dad, I can tell you that I cherish every meal I have at home with my daughter and some of the best times we have are when her and her friends are all cooking a meal together!

Also as a single dad, it was comforting to know that some of the old romantic recipes and dishes I enjoy making for my adult female friends are still very popular! Almost all of the women surveyed consider chocolate cake the ultimate indulgence. Close behind are ice cream, pizza, truffles (both chocolate and mushrooms), caviar and home-made french fries. So, for my male readers on this blog, Valentines day is coming up soon…how about making that special lady in your life one of the above menu items and watch how she responds!

Women love men who can cook!!!

You can read the full article by clicking on this link: Better Homes and Gardens Food Factor 2010 Survey


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Daphne February 15, 2011 at 7:18 PM

Amen to your last statement, “women love men who cook.” Yes, we do.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that 71% of women want to be eating every meal at home. Good news to someone who believes strongly in the value of a home cooked meal.

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