North Carolina Residents Aren’t Allowed To Protect Themselves

by Mark

Interesting article that came out today about the ridiculousness of a local police chief in North Carolina.

Read the full story here:

Residents Fumed Over Weekend Alcohol, Firearm Ban

Residents in King were fumed over the weekend after a state of emergency declaration restricted the sale of alcohol and the carrying of firearms in vehicles.

King Police Chief Paula May said she’s received hundreds of threats related to the restrictions, which banned driving from 12 a.m. Sunday to 5 a.m.
The state of emergency for King was declared by members of the City Council after Stokes County authorities also declared a state of emergency.Under North Carolina law, May said, when a state of emergency is put into place that includes a ban on driving, the carrying of firearms in vehicles is also banned. The King city curfew banned the sale of alcohol.

“I think there’s been some misinterpretation that I personally have declared martial law and taken away people’s right to bear arms and that’s erroneous,” May told WXII reporter Jermont Terry. “By law, statute 14-288.7 automatically went into effect. And that law which goes into effect when there’s a state of emergency prohibits the transportation, purchase sale and possession of firearms other than on one’s own premises.”

The news of the ban created a firestorm of criticism.

“This is absolutely the craziest thing I have ever heard. So far fetched that I am speechless!” one post on read.“We did find some people on the streets,” May said. “We didn’t take any enforcement actions. We spoke to the people driving and helped them to get to where they needed to be.”May wouldn’t give details on the types of threats other than to say they had been phoned, faxed and e-mailed.“We have to take them all serious and we’ll investigate to the best of our ability and determine the source of those threats,” she said.


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