Top Food Trends At IFT 2010

by Mark

Another great conference! Some of the relevant trends and emerging trends to watch that I noticed at this year show were the following:

1. Low Sodium and Salt reduction ingredients. Finally the industry is heeding the desire from the public for our food to NOT be loaded with sodium.

2. Gluten-Free products and applications

3. Clean label/simple ingredients. Imaging that, consumers want food without having to reference a molecular chemistry dictionary of ingredients.

4. Multi-Grain, Vegetable, Beneficial Fiber and other pro-biotic inclusions into foods.

5. Omega 3’s encapsulated products

There was also a strong international foods and ingredients presence at the show. With the advent and popularity of internet food sites and all of the cooking shows, more and more Americans are realizing the bounty of the worlds’ food basket.

Stay Tuned!



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