Top Ingredients To Add To Mac & Cheese

by Mark

As I have been talking to many of my Chef colleagues over the past year, informally we came up with a list of the top ingredients that we add to this comfort food staple either at home or in our restaurant kitchens.

  1. Chicken – either diced, shredded, or grilled breasts, thigh, or leg meat
  2. Garlic! – ’nuff said
  3. Tomato Р either slices, puree, diced or roasted
  4. Crunchy Topping – either cheese, bread crumbs, dried onions, or other veggies
  5. Broccoli – parents, listen up…this is one way to get the kiddos to eat their veggies!
  6. Onion – diced, sliced, pureed, roasted, or as a mixed crumb topping
  7. Ham – Bacon, Sausage, or some other form of this comfort wonder meat
  8. Cheese Topping – Parmesan, Romano, or any other cheese topping

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