Wendy’s Introduces New Line of Gourmet Salads

by Mark

After seeing these salads in test for the past few months, Wendy’s will be rolling out a new entree salad line nationwide.

If you recall, Wendy’s was the first chain that brought the salad bar to the fast food arena. They also were first movers in 2002 with their ¬†Garden Sensations line. My good friend and mentor Girard Lewis is at the helm of new product development for the company and here is the list of salads coming soon to a Wendy’s near you.

Apple Pecan Chicken, BLT Cobb, Spicy Chicken Caesar, and Baja

The four reinvented salads combine real ingredients and fresh preparation at unit level. The taste profiles and recipe builds are similar to a casual dining restaurant or cafe, but compete on price, value, and convenience of a QSR.

Ingredients not typically found at a fast food feeder include, spring mix with 9 different types of greens, real blue cheese crumbles, shaved asiago, fresh pico de gallo, roasted pecans, and two types of apples.

Thank God someone in fast food is realizing that most customers want quality, not 99 cent mystery products filled with more chemicals, processors, and fake food ingredients than anyone should ever consume.

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