What Prepared Food Items Sold In Restaurants Will Soon Be Coming To A Grocery Store Near You

by Mark

So, one of the groups I belong to on Linked In posed the question of what its members thought were going to be the next wave of products, menu items, and recipes introduced into grocery stores and/or the deli counters in the upcoming new year.

Here are some of my predictions:

Allow me to look ahead in 2011 to my crystal ball (or is it a mixing bowl??)

To answer your questions, here are my predictions for the upcoming year –

Perhaps a line of a branded food items with a hot sauce that we all know and love, (chicken, shrimp, and other proteins) will mysteriously make it’s way into retail outlets across the country in the XX quarter of the year.

A famous kitchen utensil inspires it’s own line of meals for the harried cook. Seems like such a natural, you will wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself.

A foul-mouthed, traveling, no reservation chef with several TV shows comes out with his/her own line of branded food items.

A television network based around food introduces a line extension of their brand with recipes made famous by their cheftestants.

Another TV Chef introduces his/her line of food inspired by their popular name-themed show

An up-and-coming Asian Expert chef who just released a cookbook introduces his/her line of named food. Many will recognize the recipes from a couple of chain restaurants that have used this chef as a menu consultant

Major retailers in the Southwest introduce a “fresher” offering of heart healthy, or vegan, or celiac sensitive, or gluten-free, or diabetic friendly, or paleo, or heart smart lines of entrees, lunches, dinners, and breakfasts. This is an outgrowth of some under the radar retail outlets (1,200 sq ft and smaller) that have been quietly doing a brisk business for the past 2 years completely off the grid from everyone.

A certain hip, small retailer actually gets it’s line of branded products into larger retailers refrigerated cases. The gain to the monolithic grocery store is that it gets an upgrade to it’s image by having the “Trader” merchandise some of it’s more popular items in their sea of sameness in the deli/prepared foods area

Another famous alcoholic beverage company gets it line of island inspired themed meals into grocery stores

A certain basketball legend introduces his/her own line of themed products into grocery store shelves after having tremendous success in the sports venues in certain locales.

A named legend in the music industry introduces his/her own line of named products into the grocery shelves

Finally, a fictional movie character introduces a VERY successful line of named products into retail shelves across the country after having mind-blowing sales at several test markets across the U.S.

The above name examples are based upon conversations that may or may not have actually taken place in the chef/author’s vivid imagination. The names have been changed to protect the innocent, any resemblance to actual food products that may or may not make it to the grocery store in the next year is purely coincidental and of course…your mileage may vary.


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